Boston City EM


October 2017

Emesis as Nemesis

By: Jordan Spector, MD Case Presentation You are an intern in the ED at BostonCityEM, and you encounter the following patient: 28 year old male with a history of mild asthma who presents to the ED with approximately 12 hours... Continue Reading →

Conference Learning 10.11.17

By: Tom Gill, MD  Hematologic Emergencies: Lecture by Shayna Sarosiek, MD   Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) -Causes: Many...infection, inflammation, malignancy, toxins, liver dysfunction -Microvascular thrombus most common -Work up: Platelets, INR, D-dimer, fibrinogen, PTT -Treatment: Cryoglobulin (if low fibrinogen), FFP (if bleeding), other... Continue Reading →

Conference Learning 11.4.17

By: Jeffrey Rixe, MD One Minute Neuro Exam of the Hand Median Nerve (OK) -Sensory: test 2nd digit light touch -Motor: thenar muscles, thumb pincer grasp, form the "OK" sign -Injury: supracondylar fracture, laceration near flexor retinaculum, carpal tunnel syndrome... Continue Reading →

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